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“The Dancing Dead” by Daniel Cloud Campos

‘The Dancing Dead’ YouTube clip, by dancer/film maker Daniel Cloud Campos, has reached over 1.3 million views, in just over a month.

As a huge fan of the popular comic book turned television series, The Walking Dead, Cloud was inspired by the series for this video which has been described as ‘The Walking Dead goes Gangnam Style’.

The video has gone viral since being featured on TMZ and posted on news websites around world. Much to Cloud’s surprise, it was even  tweeted by Norman Reedus, The Walking Dead star who plays Daryl Dixon in the hit TV show.

The video has become so popular that re-enactments and copies have started popping up YouTube.

Watch the video below to find out what everyone is talking about, and let us know your thoughts, too.


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New video from Frace Luke Mercado featuring B-Boy Watto

We got the chance to go behind the scenes of a new video by B-Boy and film maker Frace Luke Mercado!

In his latest creation, Luke teams up with fellow SKB Crew member Kym Watterson (B-Boy Watto) and takes us to the streets of Sydney to showcase B-Boy Watto’s  moves and powerful style.  Check out the video and see if you can spot the appearance of B-Boy Soon from Extreme Crew Korea!

You can catch Luke, Watto and the rest of the Street Kulture Breakerz crew this weekend at the Australian qualifiers of the R16 Korea competition.

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UPDATE: Daniel Cloud Campos Kickstarter

Just last month we saw a short video posted on YouTube by Daniel ‘Cloud’ Campos, about his Kickstarter project, where he asked the public to lend him a helping hand in creating a dream – to make a feature length film using music, song and dance.

Daniel Campos, known to many as ‘B-Boy Cloud’, is a dancer and film maker, who has inspired many around the world with his moves and creativity. He has successfully made his way to the top as a dancer, winning competitions all over the globe, featuring in music videos, touring the world with Madonna and even making it to the big screen.

The winner of the World of Dance award for ‘Dancer of the Year’, took to YouTube and Kickstarter to ask fans to spare some coin to create a presentation that he could take to movie studios to pitch. It took just one day to be successful.

“In my opinion, doing what you don’t LOVE to do is a crime. It’s your life and whatever makes you happy is what you should be doing with it. Continue to do what you love and do it with all your heart and you will live an amazing life!” – Daniel Cloud Campos.

The $25,000 target was passed within 24 hours and today, with 10 days to go, the project is sitting at $51,000, and still rising. The project will be funded April 20, and see Cloud filming soon after.

Considering he was able to make such amazing work with only a tripod in his living room, we’re pumped to see what he’ll be able to do with $51,000. Cloud’s project can be found at Kickstarter.com.

Kickstarter is one of the world’s largest funding platforms for creative projects, where people can go and pledge dollars to projects from the worlds of film, art, music, technology and other creative visions.

UPDATE: Stay tuned folks, as we will be having chat with Cloud in the coming weeks! Like us on Facebook, Twitter or subscribe so you don’t miss out.


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