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The Dream Team documentary

To compete in the ’92 Summer Olympic Games in Barcelona, the USA assembled what is arguably the best basketball team of all time. Jordan, Bird, Johnson, Ewing, Robinson, Barkley, Pippen, Malone, Stockton, Drexler, Mullen and Laettner made up ‘The Dream Team’.

Airing on NBA TV, the documentary The Dream Team, offers an inside look into the selection process, the road leading to the Barcelona Olympics, and on-court battles between team members. The Dream Team even shares untold stories of a demoralising defeat to college students right before the Barcelona Games.

The Dream Team dominated the world and left Barcelona with gold, leading each game with an average of over 40 points. 20 years on, they are still highly regarded as the best of the best, being dubbed “The greatest team ever assembled in the history of team sports”.

The Dream Team airs on June 13.


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New video from Frace Luke Mercado featuring B-Boy Watto

We got the chance to go behind the scenes of a new video by B-Boy and film maker Frace Luke Mercado!

In his latest creation, Luke teams up with fellow SKB Crew member Kym Watterson (B-Boy Watto) and takes us to the streets of Sydney to showcase B-Boy Watto’s  moves and powerful style.  Check out the video and see if you can spot the appearance of B-Boy Soon from Extreme Crew Korea!

You can catch Luke, Watto and the rest of the Street Kulture Breakerz crew this weekend at the Australian qualifiers of the R16 Korea competition.

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Air Jordan XI Low – White/Varsity Red

It’s been over a decade since a new pair of patent leather Air Jordan XI in a low cut graced our presence, but now they’re back. The Air Jordan XI Low White/Varsity Red has been thrown in the middle of some highly anticipated releases.

Featuring traditional Chicago Bulls colour highlights, this classic white shoe comes wrapped in a pure white patent leather across the mid-section and toe cap.

The Air Jordan XI is the most popular model in the Air Jordan line and, with a clean-cut colourway like this, no one is expecting them to stay on the shelves for long.

The official release date is this Saturday May 5, but they can be found online earlier.

Image: NT

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Shawn Stussy’s S/Double studio

The Stussy name is synonymous with trendy ‘urban’ fashion, but its humble beginnings didn’t originate in apparel design. Creator, Shawn Stussy, admits the clothing brand was just a side project to his day job until it eventually got in the way!

Shawn Stussy started shaping surfboards to pay the bills and, in his own words, get by. He scrawled his name on his products till the 80s when the clothing corner of his company began to boom. Almost two decades later, Shawn retired from running his empire and returned to his roots – shaping surfboards. He’s currently preparing for the opening of his new ‘S/Double’ branded surf shop in Tokyo, Japan.

With the help of Seth Epstein in this short video, we take a sneak peek at Shawn’s recent hard work.

S/Double will have its pre-opening party on April 20

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