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Stay bright with the Nike ‘Flash’ Collection

If you’re anything like us, you prefer to head outdoors and pound the pavement rather than the treadmill when exercising. But when the weather is working against you, it’s a tough task to muster up the motivation. With this thought, Nike have sought to keep runners protected against the elements with its new ‘Flash’ pack.

The Nike "Flash" Pack

The Nike ‘Flash’ Pack

The Flash footwear collection consists of 6 different styles that feature water-resistant properties, vibrant reflectivity and breathable, lightweight warmth. The pack also includes apparel to match with each piece engineered to keep athletes dry and comfortable. It does this by moving sweat away from the skin while still being highly visible in low light minus the construction-worker feel.

The Nike ‘Flash’ Pack footwear features 6 different styles

The hero of the pack is the Allover Flash jacket, which features a glass-beaded exterior that produces 360 degrees of 400-candlepower reflectivity for enhanced visibility. The only down side is that it’s going to cost you $500 big boys, and you’ll have to be quick, because it comes in limited quantities that won’t be around for long.

The Nike ‘Flash’ Pack includes the men’s and women’s apparel

Get the Nike ‘Flash’ collection directly from Nike, or head to Wiggle to get protected.


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Folding SNAP Skateboard

Labelled as the world’s first folding skateboard, the SNAP Skateboard bends in three sections, making it easy to stow away or transport.

Constructed from aircraft grade 6061-T6 aluminum, the board is joined together with high-strength steel hinges for ultimate durability. It comes with  Abec 7 bearings and 56mm wheels, making it perfect for cruising or tricks and, best of all, it won’t snap like a regular maple wood deck! The trucks and wheels are easily changed for a customised ride, too.

Despite not being the biggest thing to ever hit the skate scene, it’ll be good for those who are lacking storage space or don’t want to lug around a whole deck.

A limited run can be found through ATI USA.

Image: Gadget Review

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