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Thinking Outside The Box, Georgia Ezra

I have a thing for Perspex. I don’t know when this affair started, or why the material makes me swoon, I just know I want it … now! So when the opportunity arose to purchase CAJA Furniture on The Home, I jumped at it, or more so, whipped out my credit card to choose my very own piece.

The best part of this transaction though, was the opportunity to briefly meet CAJA Furniture designer, Georgia Ezra, and interview her for The Home magazine. What I loved about our short but sweet encounter was the passion and honesty behind her words. She’s a ‘one-woman show’, and has courageously set out on this product design venture to make her space, and our’s more effective.

Georgia Ezra

Dissatisfied with the lack of space and visually pleasing design in her small apartment, she envisioned a sleek and sophisticated solution that would allow her to show off her favourite collections and entertain with ease. The result was the transparent, customisable side table-cum-storage unit which won a Melbourne Design Award in 2012 and was shortlisted for a Sydney Design Award, too.

In her words, it transforms clutter into museum-worthy installations, aesthetically combating a small space problem. And with my words, “Ooo it’s so pretty I must have one”, I got to work on discovering Gerogia’s inspiration, design ethos, and personal style.

Here are my highlights of the interview …

Georgia’s inspirations, which include: her time spent living in Spain, fabric textures, food, colour, and even, wait for it … the natural interior of fruit!

Her design philosophy – Cull the crap!

Discovering the different hats she wears on a daily basis as both CAJA Furniture owner and designer, and interior architect at G.A.B.B.E Interior Design Services.

Her decorating tips for making small spaces more functional.

Read the full interview here.



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Designer Rugs/Easton Pearson collaboration

Earlier in the week, I was fortunate enough to attend the launch of Designer Rugs’ latest collaboration with Australian designers, Easton Pearson. Working side-by-side with talented design folk isn’t anything new for the brand. They’ve previously joined forces with the likes of Dinosaur Designs, Akira Isogawa, Wedgwood, Catherine Martin and more.

Arcadia is handmade from 100% New Zealand Wool and feature vibrant floral design, reminiscent of traditional chintz tapestries with a modern twist.

The Coromandel Collection is the second range for Designer Rugs Easton Pearson have infused their signature eclectic use of colour on, building on themes first seen in their debut collection.

“With our second collection for Designer Rugs we have continued our exploration of the intricate hand drawn details of Chintz textiles. Our designs take chintz back to its original purpose as sophisticated floor coverings, but the macro focus on tiny fragments gives traditional design a new modern viewpoint,” Easton Pearson.

Tell us what you think of the Coromandel Collection.

First Morning is handmade from New Zealand wool and silk and showcases striking oversized patterns.

Passion Flower

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IKEA KNAPPA – Cardboard digital camera

IKEA is set to release a new eco-friendly camera made almost entirely out of cardboard. Devised by Swedish designer, Jesper Kouthoofd, the camera will be given away in certain stores — along with the new 2012 PS collection that promotes sustainability and good design —  to encourage customers to take photos of their new furniture at home and upload them to the IKEA website.

The camera is made from one piece of folded cardboard and a single circuit board that holds the camera sensor and integrated USB connector. Powered by two AA batteries, the KNAPPA can hold up to 40 images before reaching its capacity.

The KNAPPA will be in selected stores around the world later this year.

Image: IKEA Sweden


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