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Stay bright with the Nike ‘Flash’ Collection

If you’re anything like us, you prefer to head outdoors and pound the pavement rather than the treadmill when exercising. But when the weather is working against you, it’s a tough task to muster up the motivation. With this thought, Nike have sought to keep runners protected against the elements with its new ‘Flash’ pack.

The Nike "Flash" Pack

The Nike ‘Flash’ Pack

The Flash footwear collection consists of 6 different styles that feature water-resistant properties, vibrant reflectivity and breathable, lightweight warmth. The pack also includes apparel to match with each piece engineered to keep athletes dry and comfortable. It does this by moving sweat away from the skin while still being highly visible in low light minus the construction-worker feel.

The Nike ‘Flash’ Pack footwear features 6 different styles

The hero of the pack is the Allover Flash jacket, which features a glass-beaded exterior that produces 360 degrees of 400-candlepower reflectivity for enhanced visibility. The only down side is that it’s going to cost you $500 big boys, and you’ll have to be quick, because it comes in limited quantities that won’t be around for long.

The Nike ‘Flash’ Pack includes the men’s and women’s apparel

Get the Nike ‘Flash’ collection directly from Nike, or head to Wiggle to get protected.


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INTERVIEW: Mavericks Laces

L-R Luke, Jayden and Leigh.

Don’t let anyone tell you a little online surfing between writing tasks isn’t a good thing. For me it led to the discovery of this fun and funky Melbourne brand, Mavericks Laces. Founded by three Melbourne designers in 2012, the label has seen an appreciation for the finer details of fashion spawn into a stylish set of shoelaces and award-nominated branding. 

The label’s 100% waxed cotton laces are not for the faint-hearted. According to designers, Luke, Jayden and Leigh, ‘if the shoes make the man, the laces make the shoe’, which is why their bold accents are full of colour and character.

Jayden Zernich, one third of the team behind Mavericks Laces, tells us about the bourgeoning brand, its creative processes, and the challenges of starting a fashion label.

SS 5 Pack

Tell us about the team’s design background?
Mavericks Laces is made up of three graphic designers by trade, Luke Schoknecht, Leigh Scholten, and myself who stumbled across each other in studios at one point or another. Leigh and I have since gone on to be the duo behind CONDENSED, who have worked for the likes of Beggar Man Thief, Shoemakers of Melbourne, Life Space Journey and the Melbourne Pub Group. Luke has recently started his own agency called Raine & Makin.

What inspired the launch of the Mavericks Laces label?
We wanted to start a business where we could be free to push the boundaries with branding and design while having some fun. We have a passion for shoes so we started to think about business ideas in that area, and eventually saw a gap in the market for good quality and colourful laces that would help guys in particular add a bit of individual expression to their outfits.


“If no one ever doubted your idea then you’re not thinking big enough.”

Describe the Mavericks Laces fan?
A ‘Maverick’ is someone who does things a little left of skew and treads their own path. They’re the bold, dynamic people who walk to the beat of their own drum.

Tell us about the company branding that’s been shortlisted in the identity design category for the 2013 Create Design Awards. 
‘Mavericks’ are unique individuals, so we created a custom typeface to represent this originality. Our challenge was to elevate the humble shoelace into a desirable and crucial fashion accessory. Through strong story telling, high-end product photography, playful copywriting and an engaging visual identity, we crafted an emotional connection between the target audience and the product.

Mavericks Branding

Describe the Mavericks Laces creative process.
Colour research, colour research and more colour research! We delve heavily into colour trends from international seasons in design, architecture and fashion, to formulate a mood board and directional family of tones. We try to look at a broad variety of inspiration as we strongly believe that architecture influences fashion and vice versa.

From here we give it a Maverick touch. We work out how we can colour match our photo shoots to not only highlight the product, but experiment with interesting combinations, too. We want everything from the detail of the paper background to sans normal. Yes, others can shoot with paper, shoes, and laces, but we like to think our colour combinations and fun direction is what brings our product to life and sets us apart from the rest.


“Sometimes 20% of something is better than 100% of nothing.”

What is your go-to creative resource?
Love a book published by Victionary, Monocle, Wallpaper.

What are the biggest struggles to getting your own fashion store/label up and running? What advice do you have for other creatives?
Sometimes you can get caught up with wanting every element to be perfect as it’s your ‘baby’; however, if you continue down that path there will never be enough time in the day and nothing will ever come of your idea. Sometimes 20% of something is better than 100% of nothing. Take a chance and be prepared to learn along the way.

Adapt to the changes in your industry and learn from others who have done it before you. Nothing is as powerful as the knowledge others can give you, absorb it, add to it and apply it. People saying ‘you can’t’ should be your biggest inspiration, if no one ever doubted your idea then you’re not thinking big enough.

Mavericks Primary 3 pack

What’s on the horizon for Mavericks Laces? 
Anything and everything! A world of colour on every boy, teen and man around the streets of your nearby city. It’s one step at a time, so to begin with we’re launching our two-tone laces in September.


Where do you guys shop for cool fashion and accessories in Melbourne?
Claude Maus, Incu, Somewhere, Vanishing Elephant.

Which local designer/creative are you fans of at the moment?
Meandher, Bellroy, LifeSpaceJourney.


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Packer Shoes x Reebok “Remember The Alamo” Heritage Capsule

After a series of teaser images and rumours, Packer Shoes has finally given us a detailed look at its new “Remember The Alamo” Heritage Capsule.

Packer Shoes x Reebok x Mitchell & Ness

Packer Shoes x Reebok x Mitchell & Ness

Collaborating with Reebok and Mitchell & Ness, Packer Shoes brings us a collection that pays tribute to NBA basketball legend, Shawn Kemp, and his performance at the 1996 NBA All-Star game held in San Antonio.

Packer Shoes offers its take on the Reebok Kamikaze II model, with a grey pigskin suede upper with splashes of pink, orange and teal. The collection also features a limited authentic Mitchell & Ness jersey (an exact remake of the original one worn by Shawn Kemp during the game), a Shawn Kemp caricature t-shirt, and a replica of the original 1996 NBA All Star game snapback cap.

Packer Shoes x Reebok x Mitchell & Ness

Packer Shoes x Reebok x Mitchell & Ness

Look for the Packer Shoes x Reebok x Mitchell & Ness Capsule Collection to release August 2 via Packer Shoes.

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Nike Air Pegasus 83/30

Nike Sportswear marks the 30th anniversary of the Air Pegasus with the ‘Pegasus 83/30’.

The original Air Pegasus is one of Nike’s oldest running shoes; made popular years ago with its subtle style and extreme comfort. The 30th anniversary edition marries the original runner look with modern materials and construction, and features a breathable ‘Hyperfuse’ mesh upper, leather heel, and updated sole.

There are several colourways set to hit stores soon with some early releases having already sold out! But if you’re quick, you can get your pre-order in now at Titolo.

Nike Air Pegasus 83/30

Nike Air Pegasus 83/30

Nike Air Pegasus 83/30

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How to Start Your Fashion Company with jeffstaple

If you’ve dreamt of making it big in the streetwear industry, then what better way to learn the ropes than from one of the best in the business?

Jeff Ng, (aka jeffstaple), took his one-man t-shirt business and turned it into an internationally renowned streetwear company and design firm. Staple Design has worked with some of the industry’s giants including Nike and Puma to create some of the most sought-after pieces in the sneaker world. It took 15 tough years to build the brand  into the icon it is today, and now he’s sharing the insider knowledge!

To help aspiring entrepreneurs, Jeff is sharing need-to-know details via online tutoring site Skillshare. Through video lectures, tutorials and digital handouts, students experience a live classroom atmosphere where they cover key topics including: refining your brand name and slogan, the philosophical, technical, and legal considerations to logo creation; crafting your debut collection, and how to tell your story through your product.

“With this class on Skillshare, I hope to answer these questions by addressing some of the most fundamental aspects of starting a brand, but even more so, I hope to inspire everyone who has ever thought about starting something of their own to actually take action and pursue that dream.”

The course is $15, and students are able to study in their own time. The top three students will be selected to go into a final round where they’ll receive one-on-one tutoring from jeffstaple in New York, and go into the running for the opportunity to showcase their product at the 2014 Agenda Las Vegas Trade Show.

The course starts soon, so head over to Skillshare to enrol.

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Air Jordan VI “Infrared” to make a return in 2014

Exciting news has come across the desk this evening — the confirmation of the Air Jordan VI’s (white/infrared colourway) return in 2014.

Air Jordan VI - White Infrared

Air Jordan VI – White Infrared

Originally released during the NBA 1990-1991 season, the shoe played an integral role in the Chicago Bulls’, and Michael Jordan’s, first NBA title. Jordan also took home the NBA Scoring Title for that year, and the second of his five MVP awards.

The Air Jordan VI model is another classic for architect and designer Tinker Hatfield. It features a rubber tongue with two holes that allows the wearer to pull the shoes on with ease. The shoes revisit the Air Jordan V’s clear sole and lace lock design with a more streamline and form-fitting look.

Air Jordan VI - White Infrared

Air Jordan VI – White Infrared

Despite no confirmation yet, sources suggest this will be a 23rd Anniversary release, which has led to speculation as to whether or not the AJ VI will feature the original Nike Air logo on its heel instead of the new Jumpman logo.

2014 is set the be the year of the VI for Jordan Brand with this release in the first weeks of February. Get excited. We are!

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Choose Your Own Adventure Sneakers

Aussie fashion label, Gorman, has collaborated with 21 global creatives to create customised adventure sneakers for charity. The eye-catching mix of colours and textures was destined to dazzle with the likes of stylist, Megan Morton, designer Rachel Castle, and one of my favourite creatives to watch at the moment, Marsha Golemac, included in the mix.

Each artist, designer and illustrator took a different approach to their blank canvas. The Hungry Workshop instilled the energy of the dance floor into their shoes, while Rachel Castle turned to nostalgia for her popping palette. “My Gorman sneakers are an ode to being footloose, fancy free and under the influence of every fashion hormone/influence/faux pas of this beautiful decade,” she says.

Want to own a pair of these one-off designer creations? You can find more information on the sneakers, and details on bidding, here. Bidding closes 10am Friday June 8. An exhibition of the Choose Your Own Adventure Sneakers is running til June 11 in Sydney at Gorman’s The Galeries store, and then in Gorman’s Melbourne Central Store on June 5.

All proceeds will be going to the Little Seeds Big Trees Charity. Gorman will also be chipping in $20 from every sale to Little Seeds Big Trees.

This is my favourite pair! What do you think?


Rachel Castle quote from broadsheet.com.au


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