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From Concrete to Carrots, Pop Up Veggie Patch

Federation Square’s car park in Melbourne has been transformed into a vibrant veggie garden! The pop-up patch, which is a joint initiative with The Little Veggie Patch Co., allows city dwellers the opportunity to get their green thumbs dirty with over 176 DIY veggie pots housed in recycled apple crates.

These pots are the gateway to apartment folk’s gardening dreams, allowing veggie enthusiasts to subscribe to a patch on a yearly basis with a monthly fee. For your flowering interest, subscribers will receive expert advice and training from Little Vegie Patch Co. as well as seasonal seed packs, a copy of the Little Vegie Patch Co gardening book, access to the pop-up patch tool shed, and exclusive online content.

Veggie Patch

“Having fun and enjoying the full range of activities from gardening, harvesting, preparing food and, of course, eating fresh produce is what veggie growing and the Fed Square pop-up patch is all about,” say Little Veggie Patch Co. owners, Matt Pember and Fabian Capomolla.

Veggie Patch
The site will also boast a community demonstration veggie garden and information centre for the public and local schools. “It’s another great addition to a series of events and activations that take the food experience at Fed Square to the next level,” says Kate Brennan, CEO of Fed Square.

Veggie Patch
The Little Veggie Patch Co. is a Melbourne based business that specialises in the installation of chemical-free vegetable gardens.


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Rethink the way you live, by Amanda Talbot

Amanda Talbot

Amanda Talbot

The Decoration + Design trade event is currently being held at the Sydney Exhibition Centre. And today I was lucky enough to gain access to one of its seminars hosted by Amanda Talbot. For the last 10 years, Amanda has been showcasing her talent for creating sexy, sophisticated interiors around the world, working for big brands such as Karl Lagerfeld and Tom Dixon, and trend forecasting for the likes of IKEA. As the ex associate editor of ELLE Decoration, she has travelled through many a beautiful home, and come into contact with some of the world’s most amazing home and lifestyle designs.

Living in small spaces and having your own personal space, too. Image from Rethink: The Way You Live

Living in small spaces and having your own personal space, too. Image from Rethink: The Way You Live

It’s her latest quest that has me – and after today’s seminar, many more – questioning our surroundings. Rethink: The Way You Live is both the title of today’s seminar and her book. It looks at the relationship between human and home, and challenges our already existing functions and design of our surrounding environment. Today’s seminar explored the way the world is rapidly changing and, in turn, our needs are changing with it. Do we need a home office when all we see in sight is a laptop and an iPad? Is a bedroom only used for sleeping? Through imagery, Amanda took us around the world to highlight inspired designs and tell-tale signs of what the future holds for design that ‘rethinks’ its purpose, functionality, and form. This round-the-world trip highlighted the global nature of this need in the design and architecture industry.

Small home in Japan where dining space becomes office space. Multifunctional room where walls and lighting can be moved. Image from Rethink: The Way You Live

Small home in Japan where dining space becomes office space. Multifunctional room where walls and lighting can be moved. Image from Rethink: The Way You Live

It’s a recurring theme that, as times get tough, we turn to memories of the good times, and we head back to our roots to embrace a ‘nostalgia trend’. A little ‘doom and gloom’ brought on by such effects as the GFC, terrorism, global warming, and technological advances, sparks a clear want for the good ol’ days, with one such example being the current resurgence of craft and handmade creations.

These shifting times evolve into new living and lifestyle trends. No longer is a common open plan home design the best option to live in. No longer is useless design that serves no function and purpose in our lives a welcome addition to our environment or space.

Spaces that cater to the senses. Image from Rethink: The Way You Live

Spaces that cater to the senses. Image from Rethink: The Way You Live

An example of key movements outlined by Amanda today:

Living with nature – new solutions for city dwellers to connect with nature are on the rise, in particular with those that live in small spaces and apartments. Pots and indoor plants are a growing design trend, as is robust, heavy, natural textiles such as timber and wool. Large artwork with nature-inspired scenes that take up entire walls is another clever way designers are reinvigorating the notion of living with nature.

Back to basics – we’re not talking about the stark minimalism we saw in the 90s, we mean an almost warm minimalism, where our purchases and products we choose to fill out space with are needed, make sense, and have a purpose. We want 21st Century mod cons, but we want them discreet, seamless, and hidden.

Excerpt from Rethink: The Way You Live

Excerpt from Rethink: The Way You Live

Create and control – we revel in the idea of being industrious at home and creating and producing our own products from within our haven such as craft. We want to make our own rules, and Amanda reiterates that interior designers need to understand this desire and how their designer inclusions fulfil the lives of the home owners.

Self-sufficient living – there’s a want for things that we know we trust. And what better way to ensure this trust than to produce our own self-sufficient produce such as honey and herbs. Urban farming and rooftop gardens are on the rise as is aquaponics.

Rethink: The Way You Live

Rethink: The Way You Live

Ever-changing space – multi-functional rooms are a necessity. It’s not uncommon for the kitchen to be your place to prepare food, grow food, gather and entertain; or your bedroom to be an office, reading den, escape, entertainment destination and more. Spaces need to evolve with families and ‘nooks and crannies’ need to be exploited as opposed to this misconception of open plan living perfection.

Mobile Living -- house boat. Image from Rethink: The Way You Live

Mobile Living — house boat. Image from Rethink: The Way You Live

Amanda went on to discuss optimistic design, downsizing, holistic living, working from home, and mobile living, too, all movements that need to be considered by designers and creative industries for the future of our homes and lifestyles. The seminar emphasised how our world is changing quickly and so are we, adapting to accommodate new social and environmental behaviour, which is why we require fresh vision and new design considerations for the future of this evolving state.

Rethink: The Way You Live

This is a very condensed version of a very interesting subject. Check out Amanda Talbot’s book Rethink: The Way You Live for a further, in-depth analysis on this topic.


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“The Dancing Dead” by Daniel Cloud Campos

‘The Dancing Dead’ YouTube clip, by dancer/film maker Daniel Cloud Campos, has reached over 1.3 million views, in just over a month.

As a huge fan of the popular comic book turned television series, The Walking Dead, Cloud was inspired by the series for this video which has been described as ‘The Walking Dead goes Gangnam Style’.

The video has gone viral since being featured on TMZ and posted on news websites around world. Much to Cloud’s surprise, it was even  tweeted by Norman Reedus, The Walking Dead star who plays Daryl Dixon in the hit TV show.

The video has become so popular that re-enactments and copies have started popping up YouTube.

Watch the video below to find out what everyone is talking about, and let us know your thoughts, too.

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The Cool Hunter House, Sydney December 7 – 16

Local Melbourne design fanatics were privy to The Design Files Open House last week but, to not be outdone in the domain of nifty finds and designer buys, The Cool Hunter is opening The Cool Hunter House this weekend in Sydney.

This pop-up boutique store has made its way over from Melbourne and will take its funky finds onto New York and London in 2013. First in best dressed we say, and this weekend you can hunt for must-have pieces at the refitted Pacific Bondi Beach Penthouse House suite – flashy! Everything on site, including furnishings, accessories and artworks can be bought.

December 7-16, 10am-6pm
Pacific Bondi Beach (rooftop of Swiss Grand Hotel)
180 Campbell Parade, Bondi Beach
Stay in the loop here and revel in live footage here.

Image via The Cool Hunter

Image via The Cool Hunter


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Art and About on Sydney streets

Sydneysiders may have come across a touch of artistic flair  throughout the city streets in the last few weeks and, the good news is, you’re not losing your mind! The collaborative arts festival, Art & About, is currently underway in town and it’s brought a riot of colour along for the ride.

Sydney Life – large-scale photographs of this year’s 22 finalists.

Up till October 21, locals can revel in an array of arresting art and inspiring creativity that utilises unconventional public spaces as its canvas. The theme for 2012 is Colour! How artists play with varying shades and the influence it has on how we experience the space around us, is celebrated with a curious collection of exhibitions and events.

Open street art.

Whether it’s city laneways, busy streets, popular galleries or public gardens, no space is off limits for this dynamic festival. This year’s line-up includes a house that rains on the inside, ghosts of bohemian Sydney, eerie faces in the park, an urban jungle cube and free vintage bus rides.

By the Pool by Louise Whelan from Sydney Life.

Head to Hyde Park where 3D images projected onto trees will unveil the faces, past and present, who shaped the natural haven, or visit The Hotel Australia that will be revived through a large-scale video installation to its former glory of entertaining the ‘who’s who’ of society before it’s demolition in the 70s.

Last drinks: one more round at The Hotel Australia.

An inspired feast for the senses; the visual fun is combined with a month of music in unusual spaces with Modular and the City of Sydney co-presenting a series of secret lunch-time gigs. Art & About Facebook followers will be privy to gig details featuring some of Sydney’s best up-and-coming bands with one mission – to enliven the city’s most popular haunts!

Always was, always will be by Reko Rennie.

“A uniquely Sydney experience, Art & About rethinks the way contemporary art is presented to the public, engaging artists to produce projects across all artistic forms in unusual locations – projects that allow us to see the city and ourselves differently, and that inspire thought, emotion and change,” says Gill Minervini, Creative Director/Producer – Events, City of Sydney.

Ed and Ruby rates: Night, lunchtime, weekend and children itinerary suggestions for the festival. Check them out here.

Visit Art & About for more details.

Have you experienced Art & About? If so, what’s been your favourite event?

I wish you hadn’t asked by James Dive and The Glue Society. Photography by Nicolai Lorenzen.

Friendly billboards! These cheeky installations from Sydney-based artist, Jasper Knight, and architect, Isabelle Toland, are popping up in various city locations encouraging you to take rest at a comfy chair nearby or simply indulge you with a wink or smile!

Now and Then: creating a window into the past.

Spring to life by paper engineer, Benja Harney.

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Google Nexus 7 Tablet

Google has unveiled its new tablet – the Nexus 7. Setting its sights on the Kindle Fire, Google has partnered with Asus to produce a 7in quad-core tablet that runs on Google’s latest platform – Android 4.1 ‘Jelly Bean’.

With a screen resolution of 1280x800pxl, that’s covered in scratch-resistant corning glass, it packs 1GB of RAM, features a front-facing camera, and weighs just 340 grams. Connectivity comes via Bluetooth, GPS, 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi and Micro-USB and battery life will give you up to nine hours of video playback.

Price point has been set at $199USD for 8GB storage and $249USD for 16GB.

The Google Nexus 7 will start shipping mid July 2012.

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The Dream Team documentary

To compete in the ’92 Summer Olympic Games in Barcelona, the USA assembled what is arguably the best basketball team of all time. Jordan, Bird, Johnson, Ewing, Robinson, Barkley, Pippen, Malone, Stockton, Drexler, Mullen and Laettner made up ‘The Dream Team’.

Airing on NBA TV, the documentary The Dream Team, offers an inside look into the selection process, the road leading to the Barcelona Olympics, and on-court battles between team members. The Dream Team even shares untold stories of a demoralising defeat to college students right before the Barcelona Games.

The Dream Team dominated the world and left Barcelona with gold, leading each game with an average of over 40 points. 20 years on, they are still highly regarded as the best of the best, being dubbed “The greatest team ever assembled in the history of team sports”.

The Dream Team airs on June 13.

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