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Gone fishin’

Hi Friends! We’re currently holidaying in Asia and will be back shortly to share cool stuff with you again. Here’s one our favourite snaps to date taken with a Canon EOS camera.

Chat soon!

Benny Grylls on Phi Phi Island, Thailand


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May’s most popular posts

With winter upon us, now is the time to sit back, relax and have a read of May’s three most popular posts. Remember May? It was a time of cool Autumn mornings, sunny days and awesome Ed & Ruby reads.

1. We chat to Rachael Brook, makeup artist/accredited Australian Fashion Week blogger, about her time as Rae Morris’ apprentice and the beauty industry. Rachael shares insight into her blushing world with us.

2. Check out the latest creation from IKEA – the KNAPPA Cardboard Digital Camera devised by Swedish designer, Jesper Kouthoofd. It’s an eco-friendly camera made almost entirely out of cardboard!

3. Fashion bloggers, Garcon Means Boy give us the need-to-know details on this year’s Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia.  They reveal their own ‘Best in Show’ and other inspired creations from the runway.

Rachael Brook


Australian Fashion Week

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IKEA KNAPPA – Cardboard digital camera

IKEA is set to release a new eco-friendly camera made almost entirely out of cardboard. Devised by Swedish designer, Jesper Kouthoofd, the camera will be given away in certain stores — along with the new 2012 PS collection that promotes sustainability and good design —  to encourage customers to take photos of their new furniture at home and upload them to the IKEA website.

The camera is made from one piece of folded cardboard and a single circuit board that holds the camera sensor and integrated USB connector. Powered by two AA batteries, the KNAPPA can hold up to 40 images before reaching its capacity.

The KNAPPA will be in selected stores around the world later this year.

Image: IKEA Sweden


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