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May’s most popular posts

With winter upon us, now is the time to sit back, relax and have a read of May’s three most popular posts. Remember May? It was a time of cool Autumn mornings, sunny days and awesome Ed & Ruby reads.

1. We chat to Rachael Brook, makeup artist/accredited Australian Fashion Week blogger, about her time as Rae Morris’ apprentice and the beauty industry. Rachael shares insight into her blushing world with us.

2. Check out the latest creation from IKEA – the KNAPPA Cardboard Digital Camera devised by Swedish designer, Jesper Kouthoofd. It’s an eco-friendly camera made almost entirely out of cardboard!

3. Fashion bloggers, Garcon Means Boy give us the need-to-know details on this year’s Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia.  They reveal their own ‘Best in Show’ and other inspired creations from the runway.

Rachael Brook


Australian Fashion Week


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Interview: Rachael Brook, makeup artist/accredited Australian Fashion Week blogger

With renowned makeup artist Rae Morris as mentor, it’s no surprise Rachael Brook has excelled in the hair and makeup industry. A chance meeting with Morris at the age of 13, and a determination and talent to embark on an opportunity with the artist, has taken Rachael on a fulfilling and ever-inspiring journey. Celebrity shoots, fashion shows and makeup tutorials are just an average day in the life of Rachael Brook! She shares insights into her blushing world with us.

Rachael Brook

How did you get involved in makeup and beauty?

I was always interested in makeup when I was young. So when I was 15, I made the most of a chance encounter I had a few years prior with the uber-talented makeup artist Rae Morris, which helped open doors to my career.

What was it like working alongside Rae Morris?

It was life changing.  It was a lot of hard work with crazy hours and incredible locations.  I had so much fun working with Rae and we developed a great friendship.  I was lucky to work on some incredible jobs with her.  I worked at multiple L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festivals, assisted Rae with her first book, Make Up: The Ultimate Guide, and worked with lots of celebrities, magazines and creative artists at the top of their game.

What was the most important lesson Rae Morris taught you?

The single most important thing she taught me is to continue striving to improve myself.

Where do you turn to for inspiration?

I get inspiration from absolutely everywhere. I love reading blogs and looking at the work of creative artists whose work I admire.

Is the beauty industry as glamorous as it seems?

Not exactly.  My make up kit weighs about 30kg and I carry that with me everywhere! The hours can also be mental.  We can work at any time, any day.  On one job I assisted Rae on, I picked her up for work at midday, we started at 1pm and we continued until 4am the next day, all on the penthouse of a hotel in the rain!  We were going to take it in turns to nap on the job but we ended up pushing through the night.

There is a glamorous side to the industry,too. We get to try lots of products, meet talented, beautiful people, get invited to events and see some amazing places.

Have you done the makeup of any celebrities? Do you ever get star struck?

Of course! It’s hard to avoid them in this industry. I’ve never been star struck by a celebrity. I’m pretty relaxed with those things. I used to love working with the Rogue Traders when I was assisting.  The guys in the band were so lovely and so much fun — Nat Bass was hilarious!  Lately, I’m excited to be working with the best fashion bloggers in Australia for the Miss Shop Blogger’s Project.  It combines my love of my job with my love of blogging.

Do you have a signature style?

I would say my signature style is beautiful dewy skin with highlights.  I want to be known as the ‘Highlighter Girl’.   I think highlighting is the most beautiful part of a makeover when it’s done properly.

What advice do you have for those wanting to break into the beauty/makeup industry?

Find someone whose work you love, latch onto them and assist and learn from them as much as possible.  Be so great at helping them that they become somewhat dependent on you.  That means you’re a fantastic assistant which will lead to being a fantastic make up artist.

What’s the number one beauty mistake you notice off set?

Unfortunately there are too many.  One of my pet hates is really thick, heavy-looking foundation on a girl with beautiful skin.  It’s such a waste and makes people wonder what’s really going on underneath all that make up.

Makeup: The Ultimate Guide by Rae Morris

What are you excited about?

I’m always working on many different projects and most of the time I don’t know what I’ll be working on until a day or so before the job!  I’m really excited that I have just been accredited as a blogger for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia.  I can’t wait to start posting about the make up from the shows.

Follow Rachael Brook on twitter during Fashion Week here and keep up to date with her work here.

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Mansome – It’s More Than Handsome

Better known for his documentary Super Size Me, filmmaker Morgan Spurlock teams up with executive producers, Will Arnett, Jason Bateman and Ben Silverman, to bring us Mansome, a look into the man’s identity in the 21st century.

In an age that spawned ‘manscaping’ and the ‘snag’, the use of high-end skin products and cosmetic surgery has become the norm and Mansome shows us the lengths that some men will go to look their best.

Mansome will feature interviews with celebrities such as Judd Apatow, Paul Rudd, Zach Galifinakis and even Old Spice model, Isaiah Mustafa. It is set to be released this month.

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