How to Start Your Fashion Company with jeffstaple

If you’ve dreamt of making it big in the streetwear industry, then what better way to learn the ropes than from one of the best in the business?

Jeff Ng, (aka jeffstaple), took his one-man t-shirt business and turned it into an internationally renowned streetwear company and design firm. Staple Design has worked with some of the industry’s giants including Nike and Puma to create some of the most sought-after pieces in the sneaker world. It took 15 tough years to build the brand  into the icon it is today, and now he’s sharing the insider knowledge!

To help aspiring entrepreneurs, Jeff is sharing need-to-know details via online tutoring site Skillshare. Through video lectures, tutorials and digital handouts, students experience a live classroom atmosphere where they cover key topics including: refining your brand name and slogan, the philosophical, technical, and legal considerations to logo creation; crafting your debut collection, and how to tell your story through your product.

“With this class on Skillshare, I hope to answer these questions by addressing some of the most fundamental aspects of starting a brand, but even more so, I hope to inspire everyone who has ever thought about starting something of their own to actually take action and pursue that dream.”

The course is $15, and students are able to study in their own time. The top three students will be selected to go into a final round where they’ll receive one-on-one tutoring from jeffstaple in New York, and go into the running for the opportunity to showcase their product at the 2014 Agenda Las Vegas Trade Show.

The course starts soon, so head over to Skillshare to enrol.


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