Choose Your Own Adventure Sneakers

Aussie fashion label, Gorman, has collaborated with 21 global creatives to create customised adventure sneakers for charity. The eye-catching mix of colours and textures was destined to dazzle with the likes of stylist, Megan Morton, designer Rachel Castle, and one of my favourite creatives to watch at the moment, Marsha Golemac, included in the mix.

Each artist, designer and illustrator took a different approach to their blank canvas. The Hungry Workshop instilled the energy of the dance floor into their shoes, while Rachel Castle turned to nostalgia for her popping palette. “My Gorman sneakers are an ode to being footloose, fancy free and under the influence of every fashion hormone/influence/faux pas of this beautiful decade,” she says.

Want to own a pair of these one-off designer creations? You can find more information on the sneakers, and details on bidding, here. Bidding closes 10am Friday June 8. An exhibition of the Choose Your Own Adventure Sneakers is running til June 11 in Sydney at Gorman’s The Galeries store, and then in Gorman’s Melbourne Central Store on June 5.

All proceeds will be going to the Little Seeds Big Trees Charity. Gorman will also be chipping in $20 from every sale to Little Seeds Big Trees.

This is my favourite pair! What do you think?


Rachel Castle quote from



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