Why I love Abigail Ahern …


Image via The Home magazine

Any minute now, UK designer Abigail Ahern will have to slice herself in half so she can achieve being in two places at once! The design maestro somehow manages to wear an array of hats including: interior designer, author, design teacher, homewares designer, blogger, and retail owner, sharing her no holds barred style with design enthusiasts that revel in a bold style.

I was lucky enough to chat with Abigail Ahern earlier this month, and enjoy her in action at a seminar she held in Sydney. She discussed her latest book and design ethos: Decorating with Style, and unveiled the secrets to achieving designer digs without hurting the hip pocket.

After the encounter, I felt the need to compile this list:

Why I love Abigail Ahern:

1. Abigail sets design trends and refuses to follow them. She loves to push the boundaries and throws the interior design ‘rule book’ out the window when it comes to making standout spaces

2. She believes decorating can change lives, and fosters an eclectic style where nothing matches but everything works perfectly together

3. She says the word ‘bonkers’ a lot

4. She appreciates the open-plan design and white and neutral palette associated with the typical Australian home but is determined to coax us over to the ‘dark side’ and encourage us to embrace a personalised, colour-rich space, too

5. Abigail is adamant you can decorate for less, and openly notes that style has nothing to do with money. Throughout Decorating with Style she’s not afraid to show off her own home that features antique finds, IKEA rugs, homemade decoupage side table and more

6. She boasts a fun and funky personality that you want to have around all the time

7. She detests that the styling and interiors industry can often get ‘snooty’ and is all about promoting a ‘have fun and follow your heart’ approach to design.


Lamps designed by Abigail Ahern



Her new book, Decorating with Style (released in Aus 8 weeks before any other country ‘cause she loves us!) encourages a ‘no rules’ approach to decorating your home with easy ideas and an array of eye-candy inspiration.



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