The Edge Excellence in Design award winners 2013

The Edge Excellence in Design award winners were announced last week at the Australian International Furniture Fair. The Edge is Sydney’s premier event for unearthing new and emerging furniture designers from around the world, with 2013’s finalist showcasing an array of hot products and innovative creativity. This year’s collection produced a seating and table trend with chairs, stools, ottomans, twisting tables and desks accounting for almost half the designs submitted!


From 38 finalists, winners were announced across the Student, Commercial, Concept and Green categories by the judging panel which included: Jan Henderson, associate publisher Archmedia; Lisa Green, editor Australian House and Garden; Marc Schamburg, director Alvisse and Schamvburg/Zenith Interiors; designer Ross Didier, and curator Scott Lewis.

Inspired by the shell, Ben’s Clam Chair opens and closes, with the inside padded with 19 small cushions. The Chair can be folded allowing people to carry the chair with them and is ideal for the park or beach. It is made from American walnut veneered hoop pine, plywood, flexible PVC and woollen felt upholstery.
The chair also recently won the Australian Furniture of the Year Student Design Award for Victoria and Tasmania

Toby Nowland, Seating Box

Toby Nowland, Seating Bo

We were lucky enough to see first-hand the final products up close and personal at last week’s Australian International Furniture Fair. Our favourite was the Fold and Peg stool by Toby Nowland – it’s sleek, simple and functional, proving less is often more!

Commercial Award Winner: Ash Allen, Dollop Light
Green Award Winner: Toby Nowland, Fold and Peg Stool
Student Award Winner: Ben Brayshaw, Clam Chair
Concept Award Winner: Stephanie Ng Hui Sien, Halo Light

Dollop is an organic pendant light made from earthenware slip casting, aesthetically inspired by a dollop of cream dripping off a ladle. The Low wattage LED light source in this piece is cleverly obscured from direct sight, by light bouncing off the highly reflective, glazed internal surfaces. It embodies Ash’s design philosophy of intuitive elegance and simplicity.

Fold and Peg Stool

Toby’s Fold and Peg Stool was described by judges as a “smart use of sustainable material”. It is made from EchoPanel, a material produced from recycled and recyclable PET. It’s constructed with a flat panel and timber pegs made from Tasmanian Oak. No adhesives needed! The fold around ‘tabs’ become pockets, where magazines and newspapers can easily slide into, increasing the stool’s usefulness.

Made from Polyurethane Resin, Halo light functions as a modular lighting system that can be configured in a variety of shapes and sizes. Described by the judges as “versatile and innovative”.


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