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INTERVIEW: Jac Gaal, Furrow South

We spied this bright Furrow South jewellery range back in November at the Young Blood Designers Market held at The Powerhouse Museum, and had to share! Graphic designer Jac Gaal, creates the geometric gems as a creative outlet to her — funnily enough — already artistic field. We’re drawn to these earthy pieces that have a zing of juicy hues for a few reasons: they’re handmade, sustainable, and one-of-a-kind as professed by Jac.  So we had a quick chat with the designer to discover more about her style, the designer jeweller, and sustainable design.


Jac Gaal

Jac Gaal

Describe your personal style?
White with a pop of colour and earthy undertones. I’m a sucker for on-trend looks and I’m loving neon mixed with white and wood. I live by the ocean and lecture most days in a design college so I tend to have a daily battle with style: beachy and cruisy comfort, or on-trend, edgy professional.

When did you launch Furrow South? Is there a story behind the brand name?

Furrow South was launched only three months ago, and the brand name the reason it was  held launch off for so long! I’m the worst decision maker and, being a graphic designer, the hardest thing in the world is developing your own brand, nothing seemed right — I was my own worst client! I ended up deciding on Furrow South as ‘Furrow’ means trench or groove which, as most of my pieces are made from recycled timber floor boards, they possess the trademark grooves and character on them. The ‘South’ came about because I recently moved to the south coast of Sydney and that’s where the necklace making began.

How did you get involved with jewellery design? Are you professionally trained or did you just fall into this creative sphere?
I completed a Bachelor of Industrial Design and have always worked within the creative/design industry. Despite working within an artistic industry, I needed a personal creative outlet (yes, I know that sounds crazy!). You need a place where you can design for yourself and not to a specific budget-driven brief. I also own a product design business, making lamps, mobiles, candle holders and origami artwork and, after doing this for sometime, I wanted to create something different from homewares, something more me.


New furrows in the making. This timber was destined to be turned into ash.

New furrows in the making. This timber was destined to be turned into ash.

What are your designs made of? Tell us about the creative process for developing them.
My range is made from recycled timber floorboards with their shapes and designs dependant on the repurposed timber that I come across. I develop the angles and shapes based on what best suits that particular piece
of material.

Do you recall the first Furrow South piece of jewellery you made? What motivated you to experiment with this sustainable idea?
Yes very clearly! I embarked on a massive project of building a custom timber feature piece in my home to cover an ugly brick wall. Once I was finished there was all this beautiful timber left over that I couldn’t bring myself to burn or throw away. That was when I started experimenting with the left over pieces and realised there must be so much of this lovely material going to waste on building sites. So I went to see what I could save from the landfill pile.

Why is sustainable design so important to you?
I acknowledge that we already have so much ‘stuff’ in our part of the world compared to others, and there is something fulfilling and rewarding about saving something from turning into landfill and giving it a new lease on life. Just the other day I found some great timber drawers from my local recycle depot tip and transformed them into a neat little shelving unit in just a couple of hours. It was great to stand back and marvel at my very simple, but thrifty creation.

Which other sustainable designs do you admire at the moment?
I’m in love with the Re-Ply repurposed cardboard recliner chair by Dan Goldstein. It’s such a simple design that’s very aesthetically appealing, and very practical
and comfortable.


Is there a source you can suggest creatives visit if they wish to learn more about sustainable design?
As I’m only very new to the world of sustainable design, I can only suggest to keep your eyes open to all the items around you in your world. Think before you just dispose of things, there may be another life you can create for the items around you, so don’t thoughtlessly chuck out!

You’ve just released a neon range of ‘furrows’. What are you planning on doing/designing next?
The beauty of the Furrows is that there is no real set plan with how they are created. I am really dictated on the different types of timber that come my way and the unpredictability of the shapes that will form. I look at colours that are on-trend but also colours that work well to complement the natural tone and lines of
the timber.

Where can we shop Furrow South?
We will be launching our online store very soon and have had lots of retail enquiries. We will have a full list on our website soon so check-in or like us on Facebook for regular updates.

Furrow South Website



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“The Dancing Dead” by Daniel Cloud Campos

‘The Dancing Dead’ YouTube clip, by dancer/film maker Daniel Cloud Campos, has reached over 1.3 million views, in just over a month.

As a huge fan of the popular comic book turned television series, The Walking Dead, Cloud was inspired by the series for this video which has been described as ‘The Walking Dead goes Gangnam Style’.

The video has gone viral since being featured on TMZ and posted on news websites around world. Much to Cloud’s surprise, it was even  tweeted by Norman Reedus, The Walking Dead star who plays Daryl Dixon in the hit TV show.

The video has become so popular that re-enactments and copies have started popping up YouTube.

Watch the video below to find out what everyone is talking about, and let us know your thoughts, too.

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QT Boutique Hotel, Sydney

Eeek! It’s been far too long since we promised the tour of Sydney’s newest designer hotel, QT. Opened for only a few months now, this stylish haven is set within two of the city’s most iconic buildings: the historic Gowings department store, and the heritage-listed State Theater. While the facades have been restored to their former glory, inside is a cool mix of original features, curated digital art installations, eclectic artifacts and quirky design pieces inspired by its retail and theater history. Better late than never – enjoy!

Architect Shelly Indyk has set many quirky nuances across all 200 rooms of the hotel. A deep palette of red, orange, yellow and white tones is featured throughout the 12 unique styles. Retaining original timber floors from 1929, the rooms in the Gowings Building are bright and airy with eccentric touches. The adjacent State Theater rooms boast exclusively designed Rothko-inspired carpets and rugs, along with light, playful touches like bowler hat lamps and light fittings.

Acclaimed designer Nic Graham’s bold design of the hotel is at its pinnacle in the lobby, where historical features are set off by an imposing LED wall of digital art by Daniel Crooks. The ‘playground after dark’ brings the magic of the old and new alive in conjunction with the city’s well-known designers, architects and art connoisseurs.

Acclaimed designer Nic Graham’s bold work in the hotel is at its pinnacle in the lobby where historical features are set off by an imposing LED wall of digital art by Daniel Crooks. The ‘playground after dark’ brings the magic of the old and new alive in conjunction with the city’s well-known designers, architects and art connoisseurs.


The rooms and bathrooms are finished with unusual collectables and pops of color, making it an appropriate hub from which to explore the creative scene in the surrounding neighbourhood.

The dark stone bathrooms are accented by oversized signature baths and large separate showers with pin-spot lighting.

The dark stone bathrooms are accented by oversized signature baths and large separate showers with pin-spot lighting.


Curator, Amanda Love, has chosen artists from Australia and New Zealand including Daniel Crooks, Daniel Boyd and Grant Steven, to design the light and video installations in the hotel rooms, lobby and the Gilt Lounge. The hotel guest rooms feature works by artist Richard Blackwell from Adelaide, and Sydney sculptor Morgan Shimeld specially commissioned by guest room designer Shelly Indyk.

QT Hotel

QT Hotel

QT Hotel
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The Cool Hunter House, Sydney December 7 – 16

Local Melbourne design fanatics were privy to The Design Files Open House last week but, to not be outdone in the domain of nifty finds and designer buys, The Cool Hunter is opening The Cool Hunter House this weekend in Sydney.

This pop-up boutique store has made its way over from Melbourne and will take its funky finds onto New York and London in 2013. First in best dressed we say, and this weekend you can hunt for must-have pieces at the refitted Pacific Bondi Beach Penthouse House suite – flashy! Everything on site, including furnishings, accessories and artworks can be bought.

December 7-16, 10am-6pm
Pacific Bondi Beach (rooftop of Swiss Grand Hotel)
180 Campbell Parade, Bondi Beach
Stay in the loop here and revel in live footage here.

Image via The Cool Hunter

Image via The Cool Hunter


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Dial Hangers by DesignByThem

Image by Pete Daly

Image by Pete Daly

We’re sharing a little mid-week design love with these colour-pop dial hangers. Designed by Nicholas Karlovasitis and Sarah Gibson, these bright hangers can be mixed and matched in various colours, quantities and layout for a sleek and contemporary storage solution that boast visual appeal.

“We wanted to create a fun organisation tool that could be personalised to suit various belongings and environments. The colour circles help unify the space while the hooks are great for hanging smaller objects,” says designer Sarah Gibson.

Made from powder-coated aluminium, they’re suitable for wet areas such as kitchens, bathrooms and outdoor spaces. Hang your tea towels, coats, keys, bags, necklaces, umbrellas, oven mitts, pot plants and more!

Nick and Sarah began DesignByThem in 2007. Their playful furniture and lighting is available through DesignByThem and selected retailers.

What do you think of these designer dots?

Image by Pete Daly

Image by Pete Daly

Image by Pete Daly

Image by Pete Daly

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